Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY Rear Speaker 6x9 Conversion Corolla 98 - 02

This is a Conversion of my rear speakers from a 6 1/2 to a 6x9 upgrade .

First you remove the back panel and third brake light . Once you remove the back panel then you remove your stock speakers . The Blue arrow shows where I re-used the stock wire plug and added the new wire with a crimp so that the new wire can be plugged into the new speaker . Then you get your 6x9 speaker and put the magnet in the hole and rest the new speaker on the metal . With a black marker you out line on how much you want to cut . With your dremel then you cut your hole as where the Red arrows are showing . But don't over cut the hole it's better if you start small then stick the 6x9 back in the hole to see where you are at . The green arrow shows I removed the child seat belt because I don't need it but if you are using it then don't remove it . ( Warning : Cut from the top not from the trunk and be careful for the window you don't let the dremel jump . You need steady hands and patients . You are working in a small area .)

You want your 6x9 to lay as flat as it can but you want the speaker to be even and flush with the top part that is shown with the Yellow Arrow . Each side is different . Carefully put your speaker wire in a open space to keep from rubbing on the metal . Then what I did in this case was get some clear silicone and where the Blue arrows are showing I added a dap of silicone to hold the speaker down . You can use screws but it is a tight area . But silicone will hold the speaker and act as a glue . ( Do Not over put the silicone just enough that the speaker and your flat surface are connecting so that it will dry together . Use your own discretion . )

While that speakers are drying then you get your back speaker panel and remove the speaker guards and cut open a hole bigger so that when you lay your panel down it will not rest on the 6x9 but yet lay even with it . I used a black felt carpet as my mold layer that I bought from Walmart and then I bought my tan materiel to . The reason for the felt carpet in my case is cause the tan material was to thin and I didnt want it to fall into the hole I made for the speaker so I used the felt as my mold carpet .

With the spray adhesive I sprayed the panel and then spread the felt trying not to get and wrinkles . Then I trimmed the felt .

Then I sprayed the felt and then layed my final material over it again trying not to get wrinkles but since I'm not a proffesional I can only do my best . Once you have the material on then you trim around the edges be careful you don't short yourself some material . ( Since I don't need my third brake light I didnt cut a hole there because I have a rear wing with my third brake light . But if you don't have a wing with a brake light then you need to cut a X where the third brake light goes so you can put it back on . )

Then before you lay your panel to cover your speakers your speakers should be dried up or at least some what near dry and they should look like this . In this I used the Pioneer 3 way but you can use any 6x9 upgrade . Make sure you test your speakers before your final stage and make sure no exposed wires are touching any metal , use black wire tape if necessary .

Then you place the back panel back on and it should look like this . You may see just a little wrinkles but to be honest in person you can't even see them . I tried many photos but the camera wants to catch every detail . ( Heads Up : The car will smell like spray adhesive and silicone for a few days don't panic the smell will go away . )


  1. TQ for the detailed explanation. But you did not explained how to take apart the rear cover/platform. I need to know, as I also been wondering on how to do this, since mine has a rear seat belt attachment going all the way to the rear deck cover.
    BTW, i'm a proud owner of a rolla ae110. TQ. :-)