Sunday, February 21, 2010

DIY Shift Lock Control System Corolla 98 - 02

This is a DIY for automatic transmission with a OEM shifter handle not a aftermarket . Because a aftermarket handle if not adjusted correctly will act as if the shift lock control system isn't working .

This shift lock control system prevents you from taking your car out of park while it's running and prevents a child from accidently putting the car in gear unless you step on the brake pedal . Plus it will prevent you to take your key out of the car unless your vehicle is locked in park to prevent it from jumping out of park and rolling down the road .
How would you know if it's your shift lock control and not your transmission ? A simple test will determine that . You have a over ride button above the P . You stick a flat head screw driver and push the button down and see if your car comes out of park . If it does then your shift lock control system is not working . Spilling coffee or water or soda over time will short this out as in my case .

First you remove the frame around the shifter and the two screws on each side that hold the center console cover .

Then you put your parking brake on while doing the rest of the DIY . You carefully put the car in L3 by using the over ride button so you won't need the key in the ignition in the on position and then remove the center face but carefully pull it out slowly cause your lighter is still connected . Then you unplug your lighter and remove this . It's best to put black wire over your expose lighter wires cause when you test the shift control you do not want these wires to be exposed and hit any metal .

Then you open your glove box up and remove the three screws across the top . Make sure you put all your screws some where that you wont lose them .

Then with your 10mm socket you remove the bolt on the bottom left of the glove compartment box .

Then you pull the glove compartment box down and you will see another screw holder the center console . Again keep all your screws and bolts some where so you dont lose them .

Then you go to the drivers side and remove the bottom bolt above the gas pedal which holds the panel .

Once you remove that bolt then you unsnap the panel cover to expose the screw that is holding the center console .

Then you unscrew the middle compartment box because the screws are screwed to a metal brace and this will prevent you from taking that whole center piece out .

Then with a 12mm socket you remove the two bolts holding that back park of your center console . At this point you cant seperate the front piece from the back piece . Then you slide that over the parking brake . Remember your car is still in L3 so keep your brake up .

Then you can pull the center console towards you . It might give you problems but be patient look to see where it gets hung up .

Then you unscrew the two screws that hold the shifter cover . You can remove the handle to take this off completly but in my case all I did was raise it up and twist it out of the way to get to the shift lock system .
Then you unplug the shift lock control system and unscrew the two screws holding the unit down .

This is a very important reminder . Yes you can drive your vehicle with out this unit . But you are taking a chance your car can pop out of gear , you can shut your car off while in gear and remove the key , you can think you have your car in park and not know it , a child can easily change the gears , you can accidently hit it out of gear . So in my opinion your life isn't worth taking a chance not having this . This unit I have I removed from a geo prizm so they interchange . One is white the other is back thats the only difference .

Keeping your car still in L3 now you put back and screw down your new shift lock system and then plug it in . Once you have completed that then put your car in park . It should automatically lock .

Now you can put your key back into the ignition switch and turn the vehicle switch on but DO NOT START THE CAR . Only in the on position then with your hand push down on the brake pedal and then you should be able to take your car out of gear with ease .
Once you have completed your test remove the key and then you can put it all back together again .


  1. Hi, a great site and good info you have here. I can not remove the key from the ignition of my 98 Toyota corolla since it would not turn to the "LOCK" position. I can start and drive the car but cannot remove the key when parked. I can only turn and remove it if I disconnect the the battery. Can this be an issue with the shift lock control system.

  2. THANKS! I looked all over for this, even in my Haynes manual, but you saved my bacon! It went pretty much just like you said!

    Gotta love Pull-A-Part!

  3. Corolla 2005 Auto -is there a glove underneath the gear shift panel -how to replace the glove



  4. Corolla 2005 Auto -is there a glove underneath the gear shift panel -how to replace the glove



  5. thanks rincon, need to replace the auto shifter on mine.



  6. Hi, recently i bought a toyota corolla 2000 automatic and the gear shifter indicator is not working. Woulb be very greatful if you have a step by step guide to replace the light

    1. Once you have it off like this the wire you will see going to the side for the bulb

  7. I just replaced the indicator lamp in my 2001 Corolla 3 speed automatic. It is a 2721 bulb size same as for the HVAC panel which uses 2. I think the same bulb is used in the ashtray and another one also for the lighter. The shifter indicator lamp can be accessed with some difficulty by pulling off the rear part of the shifter console, removing the bezel frame around the PRND2L scale and shifter handle as shown above. The indicator lamp sits almost directly below the "L" a bit towards the "2" and it is in a keyed holder that takes a quarter turn counterclockwise looking from the wires towards the bulb holder to release, just the same as the other bulb holders in the HVAC panel. The OEM bulbs have a green slip cover that tends to age poorly and gets sticky from the heat of an old bulb which can almost glue the holder in place, so it can be stubborn breaking loose and difficult to reach and manipulate using fingers. I used an 8" curved hemostat to help get a grip on the little bugger, moving the handles towards the driver door is counterclockwise and gets it started loosening enough to finish removing using fingers. Large hands would have a problem here. The compartment into which the bulb holder fits, can be unsnapped fore and aft and a third snap on the driver side released so the assembly can drop slightly downward and canted for a little wiggle room to easier access the bulb holder. After the new bulb is installed the assembly can be lined back up where it was and pushed upwards from underneath it will snap back into place. The little green bulb covers are more trouble than they are worth and I didn't reuse them but the unfiltered clear seems to work fine and is not too bright. The HVAC bulbs are an obsolete bulb no longer made but the 2721 is an entirely satisfactory substitute. An inspection mirror and a flashlight are pretty much required for seeing this shift indicator bulb which is not easy to reach. Replacing this particular bulb was not fun and my old bulb was hot glued in with green goo which was causing trouble. A shot of PB Blaster on the top side of the bulb could have helped I think. So stuck was the old bulb I removed that the bulb actually cracked from the force required to dislodge it from the holder.

  8. Hi, what is the part number for the shift lock control system (computer)?

    1. Did you ever figure out the part number i am having the same issue

  9. It would be so so helpful to see how to remove the wires from the center face / lighter. I can't figure out how to remove the wires without ripping them out and I've already somehow messed up the electrical for the stereo (which now won't turn on). This simple step is holding me back from removing the front console and I can't find any info on the internet about how to accomplish it.
    I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla. Please help.


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